Patanjali Parivahan was established on 21 August, 2009 for the purpose to serve the nation by providing transportation facilities to free Yoga Camps, free check-up, and supply of Ayurvedic medicines –which is organized by Bharat Swabhiman and to facilitate supply of resources - food, medicines, material to the people at right time & right place even on the arrival of any disaster and this is the duty of our organization

Patanjali Parivahan started primary as well as secondary distribution with own fleet and by hiring vehicles from market to fulfill customer requirements with the objective to create availability of Patanjali herbal and organic products within the reach of every single citizen of India and beyond.

We value our truck drivers and vendors as our main assets. They deliver our herbal & organic products Pan India. The company takes various initiative for even small vendors to raise their income and provide security to them. Small vendors & Truck drivers are provided with all sort of technical training regarding vehicle economics & also creating awareness with new technological advancement in current scenario to get expertise in transportation domain.

We adapt new technologies and as well as educate and train our vendors, employees, employers, truck drivers and every associated person to grow as a whole.

Being customer focus we provide Multi modal-Transportation service with logistics solution in the most preferred comfortable ways. To support it we track all the vehicles of any mode till the transaction gets completed i.e. pickup and delivery of goods from source to destination by keeping transparency and authenticity in the flow of information as well.


Our efforts in the sectors of social welfare, health, philosophy & spirituality are guided by our values. We believe in the Optimum utilization of our capabilities and resources for the betterment of society. Our functionalities, potential, and concepts make us a distinguished organization.

We are emerging as a quality service provider of Multimodal transportation and logistics solutions. We aim to grow and expand to enhance our concepts of wellness of individuals and the society.